3:30pm – 4:30pm – Round 2 Parallel Urban Thinkers Sessions

The second round of parallel urban thinkers sessions provided an opportunity to build upon and refine ideas, discussions and solutions generated in the first round of urban thinkers sessions. They also provided participants with the opportunity to engage in more than one thematic area.

These sessions were a space to feed the debate on key issues participants want to raise in order to contribute to a new urban paradigm. Themes addressed in the urban thinkers sessions feed into the main theme of the Melbourne Urban Thinkers Campus: Ethical Cities.

Resilience – Round 2

The ethical city uses trust at a community level as currency to create community cohesion, interdependence and empowerment to act and respond positively to shocks and stresses. Community resilience is crucial when disasters occur but the trust and connections that underpin this resilience are formed over time at the neighbourhood level during ‘peace’ times when shocks … Continue reading Resilience – Round 2