Resilience – Round 1

The ethical city uses trust at a community level as currency to create community cohesion, interdependence and empowerment to act and respond positively to shocks and stresses. Community resilience is crucial when disasters occur but the trust and connections that underpin this resilience are formed over time at the neighbourhood level during ‘peace’ times when shocks are not occurring. What are the ingredients to accelerate the application of innovative programs and projects that enhance community resilience at the neighbourhood level? What recipes have been applied in other cities such as members of the Global Compact Cities Programme and the 100 Resilient Cities program pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation? What could Melbourne’s recipe for success be?

This session focused on:

  • Measuring/Mapping Community Resilience at Municipal and Metro level (What does success look like?)
  • What is working to accelerate community cohesion and therefore community resilience (What are the ingredients?)
  • How can programs be collectively scaled up and accelerated? (What is the recipe?)